Armacell India WAM Audit

Just back from another very interesting auditing and coaching visit to the Armacell factory in Pune, India supporting the implementation of their WAM (World-class Armacell Mindset) Programme. This was the 2nd visit this year with Roberto Mengoli, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to complete the ‘End Year’ audit, assessing their WCM progress.  The Pune plant has come a long way in a short period of time, with the Pune Management Team delivering a new Armacell factory record of 24 points for the 2nd WAM audit – Well done!


The Safety Pillar has strengthened further, with a full site wide LOTO system now in place with easy to use visual training boards. SMAT (Behavioural Safety) observations are fully integrated into Leader’s Standard Work and are conducted during the morning Gemba Walks. Machine guarding has also been upgraded to meet the Armacell Global standards.


The Model Machine Autonomous Maintenance and Professional Maintenance teams have made a big impact on Breakdowns, with only 3 Breakdowns in total for the last year. A great job from the guys with bucket loads of enthusiasm and motivation evident. Excellent 5S standards in the Engineering Workshop and Lubrication store room, with a solid visual management system for Breakdown-EWOs also in place.


The Focussed Improvement Pillar is well structured and organised. The effort being made to support the other pillars is clearly visible. Basic tools are widely used with sketches and pictures consistently used to describe problems.


A big improvement from the People Development Pillar was also clearly demonstrated. Job and Skills Matrices now in place to support other Pillar model and expansion area activities. The guys just need to ensure job rotation is carried out to achieve the flexibility targeted in their Job matrices. There are opportunities to reinforce the Human Error Root Cause Analysis (HERCA) process and identify countermeasure higher up the Countermeasure Ladder, always striving for Poka Yoke.


Good luck to all the staff over the coming year as they navigate towards toward the Bronze Award accreditation – You can do it!



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