End to End Lean Leadership Course

Paul  has just returned from the USA after delivering an End to End Lean Leadership for Royal Philips at Belvue in Washington State.

Henkan who were party to developing the original End to End Lean leadership Course have been delivering this flagship event since 2009. The purpose of the course is to expose the delegates not just to the application of the Lean toolkit in the End to End Supply Chain context but very importantly the Lean Leadership behaviour competencies to enable effective change through lean across the company.

This 8 day event sees the delegates taken through a change curve to understand the impact of change on an organisation. In addition how different leadership competencies, described as the 14 Toyota management principles, are practically applied at the gemba whether it be in a manufacturing or office environment.

Delegate quote:

I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank Henkan for the past two weeks.

This training is so much more than ‘just’ Lean. Yes, the Lean portion of the training is very valuable. Even more valuable is my personal growth that would not had occurred without the hard times we went through.  I am not sure how I can explain it, I just know that I am a much better person because of it. I have thought about my experience every day since and I know I will for months to come.

Thank you for the hard times YOU caused! (smile) Without that, I would not had grown as much as I did.

BEST TRAINING EVER….way more than I expected.

Graziella Palumbo-Perry – Philips



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