Brewery Auditing

John Campbell – Senior Consultant:


Just returned from two Heineken Breweries in Russia to complete their Mid-year TPM support audits. Both plants are making progress in an increasing challenging market-place. As the crow flies the two Breweries are 2,397 miles apart. The first audit took place at the Siberian brewery in the city of Novosibirsk, situated on the Ob River and the second in the city of Kaliningrad, which is a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea sandwiched between Poland to the south and Lithuania to the north and east.


It was great to see that both Breweries displayed a high level of motivation and engagement, which was clearly visible from the shop floor, to ‘use’ and ‘exploit’ TPM the right way with some robust improvement teams presented, showing good in depth process knowledge and positive results. High levels of employee involvement were evident, with one of the breweries reaching 98% of all employees having been involved in improvement teams and 44% of tags being removed by operators. Both Breweries were steered by young and enthusiastic Leadership teams, driving a culture for change. This is being done in a systematic way using the Heineken Change Model, based on the Kotter Change model and their High Performance Organisational (HPO) methodology.


Novosibirsk is building a solid platform to push towards its Bronze certification next year, by using technology to simplify some TPM activities. The team are now using Apps on iPads for their 5S audits, tagging process and also analysis of MTBA, making it easier to capture and analyse loss data.


Kaliningrad presented an excellent Quality initiative working in cooperation with the local ‘On trade’ Market (pubs and bars) to educate and improve hygiene and beer quality for the consumer. They also showed some great examples of ‘Fast Track’ Competency Gap Reduction (CGR) teams with clear links to the future organizational structure – transferring Maintenance and Quality knowledge and activities and to operators.


Both Breweries promoted a strong Zero Loss and “learn from others” mind set, with many zero loss examples, and horizontal expansion from within the Russia Operational Company, and others from external benching of good practises.


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