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Safety Leadership training – Heineken in the Netherlands (HNS) houses two of the most advanced and referenced Breweries in the Heineken World. They are striving to build excellence in Quality, Service, Innovation and of course recognise their culture of change depends on a strong foundation of Safety First using TPM as key framework methodology.

The HNS Management Team recognised that Safety performance had plateaued and that they needed to further challenge their approach and reinvigorate the Leaders in supporting shop floor excellence in Safety. The traditional approach for compliance against a framework of standards and the more recent introduction of Behavioural Based Safety activities required a further enhancement if true engagement in the belief of Safety and  achievement of Zero accidents were to be realised and sustained. CARE was seen as the key!

Having understood their gap and challenge, the HNS Management Team along with Henkan, embarked on designing and then executing a series of one day workshops that ALL leaders in the organisation would attend. How to achieve belief in Safety first so that it triggered a different level of discussion and responsiveness to truly achieve an interdependent safety culture and Zero resulting incidents is the challenge they faced.

The senior Management took an active part in fronting the message for change and a different commitment, but equally took the opportunity to listen and work with the Leaders to face and address the identified issues, and continue to do so as part of the “New Culture for Safety”

The day was designed to challenge who we are and how we need to change our own example to make a greater connection with people in the pursuit of excellence not only in Safety but extended to all activities.

Key elements to be addressed using video, plenary discussion and practical exercises were:

How we truly live safety first in the delivery of our role to create the habit of being safe, given our duty to Operate, Maintain and Improve daily.

How we conduct these daily elements with a proactive view of “My Brother’s Keeper”

How our safety behaviour has to be seen as supporting “One Team One Goal” not only at work but extended into our home life.

How we make sure that we actually see and keep ourselves awake to the opportunity for Safety improvement while we carry out our busy lives.

How to lead the Safety Culture on the shop floor dealing with the behavioural  barriers and the conditions we have created.

The journey continues with further workshops and follow up planned through the year, but the response so far has realised a different level of awareness and responsiveness to create a safer environment.

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