Heineken Training Support – Trinidad

Angus Steven:

Just returned from another exciting visit to the Carib Brewery in Trinidad to provide training support over 2-weeks, focused on:

  • Follow up Safety Pillar Training
  • AM/PM Pillar Training
  • Changeover Time Reduction Training
  • Heineken Auditing


Safety Pillar Training

Safety –  the Pillar is becoming well established after our initial training in June 2016.  A positive response to the initial training has led to improvements in Safety Culture, with a reduction in the number of near misses, issues raised etc., and with Zero Lost Time Accidents.

We had a great response coaching the teams, through various activities and safety tours.  Our practical demonstrations of Safety in a Brewery allowed the employees to relate to using the Safety related tools and Behavioural Safety, thus providing the insight required to move the brewery forward in its journey.

Feedback from the Brewery Manager: “it is really good to look at Safety in a different way and understand how we can improve – we need to go deeper in 5S to improve Safety”.


AM/PM Pillar Training

Follow up on the Pillar activity after the training in June 2016 allowed the team to energise the application of the tools, putting systems in place and improving standards.


Changeover Time Reduction Training – 4 Days (8 Delegates)

Delegates comprised of Shift Managers, Engineering Managers, and Leading Operators.  The training focused on the methodology, with the majority of time spent on the line at the identified model machine, practicing the techniques learned and improving the changeover process through individual and team application.  The delegates gained an understanding the methodology to reduce changeovers, and were able to produce a robust changeover procedure. The changeover time was reduced by 80{5b1d56c859f7ed9cb45824f00fbe31c968433c418741180ee443b12ef14bc2ee} as a result.

All delegates sat an exam at the end of the training and I am pleased to report that the entire team passed.

Workshop feedback:

“Good workshop which has helped me understand what to do – it is now up to us to do it on every machine’”.

“Really liked the Angus approach which blended theory was practical with good examples from experience”.

Heineken Training Support Trinidad


My sincere thanks to the team – great people who are enthusiastic to improve the brewery.



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