Trinidad Training – Shop Floor Safety

Angus Steven –

Just back from Trinidad having facilitated 2 x 4 day workshops.

The first workshop focussed on Safety on the Shop-floor; the Route and Role of the Safety Pillar; use of Safety Improvement tools e.g., High Level Risk Assessments (HLRA) and Operational Risk Reduction (ORR) and Behavioural Safety (BS).  The group brought together the Safety team, Engineers, and Brewers – which gave a good cross section of experience and understanding.  The workshop was balanced between formal learning and a significant time on the shop-floor practising what had been learnt and assessing the Safety culture within the Brewery. The energy and enthusiasm of the group contributed significantly to the success of the workshop, and it gave them a clear picture of the next steps to be taken to ensure the site is an even safer place to work.  There is a follow up coaching session planned where the progress on HLRA / ORR / BS will be evaluated, and progress against the Safety Masterplan.  I would also like to thank the team for bringing in various mangoes, East Indian foods to taste and Richards ‘Doublers’ – a truly great Trinidad experience.


The second workshop was for Packaging Engineers and Packaging Managers, and explored the aspects of AM/PM and how to develop and drive standards to improve the efficiency of the plant. The workshop concentrated on the first 2 steps of AM/PM and the roles each individual had in the Pillar.  Again a great group of enthusiastic and challenging people who came away with a clear view on what they need to do. Much of the time was spent in the Packaging Department with everyone set a challenge which highlighted some important areas to focus on, and led to the newly formed Pillar having a clear direction and desire to improve standards.


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June 2022