VSM Project Implementation

George Kesic – Senior Consultant

George has just returned from a review of the Value Stream Mapping Project, following the initial support that was started earlier in the year. Assistance has been ongoing to the project team via a weekly conference call, as they implement changes across the entire supply chain to enable the resulting ‘future state’. Positive progress has been steadily made over the past few months.

This gave the team an opportunity to critically assess the activity and results to date, and thus ensure complete alignment for the final push to fully achieve the customer service targets that were laid down as the challenge for the project.


Benefits are starting to be realised, and whilst there is still some way to go, there is no doubt that the project is delivering, based on recent positive feedback from customers. Order to Delivery lead time is improving, and orders are being handled much more efficiently – from the initial contact with customer through the quotation process, order handling, raw material & stock control and planning, through to loading and despatch operations and subsequent invoice fulfilment.

George will continue his remote support to see the project through to completion and the achievement of the internal performance and customer service targets.

The Group are now replicating the activity in India across the rest of their plants in South Asia, confident that the process “works” and will enhance their status as a supplier in the region.


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